Dimitris Ch. Klonis

Dr. Klonis holds a B.Sc. in Economics from the Athens University of Economics and Business and M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Economics from the University of London. He has received a number of educational awards and scholarships from the Greek Government, the Bank of Greece, and the “Alexander S. Onassis” Foundation. Dr. Klonis served as a Senior Economist in the Research Department of the Bank of Greece until March 1994, as a Professor at Deree College (1987-1997) and as a Member of the Council of Economic Advisors to the Mayor of Athens (1990 to 1992).

Dr. Klonis joined INTRACOM in April 1994 and has been INTRACOM Group’s Chief Financial Officer and Member of the Board of Directors since October 1995. He has served as General Manager, Finance & Administration (1994-2004), as Executive General Manager of the Corporate Center (2005-2006), as Executive Director, Group Financial Management (2006-2011) and as Vice-Chairman & Deputy CEO (2011-2013).

In January 2014 he was appointed Chairman of the BoD of INTRACOM HOLDINGS and Chairman of the BoD of INTRACOM HOLDINGS’ subsidiaries (namely INTRASOFT INTERNATIONAL, INTRAKAT, INTRACOM DEFENSE ELECTRONICS/IDE and HELLAS ONLINE), which place he held until December 2018. He was also a Member of the BoD of INTRALOT (1995-2020). From July 2016 until December 2018 he also served as INTRACOM HOLDINGS Chairman and CEO and from December 2018 until December 2022 as Vice Chairman and CEO.

Following the successful transformation of INTRACOM to an investment company, since January 2023 Dr. Klonis is the Vice Chairman of INTRACOM HOLDINGS BoD and Chairman of the recently established subsidiary INTRACOM PROPERTIES, whilst remaining Chairman of the BoD of KEKROPS S.A. since 1999.