Our engine of growth

At Intracom Holdings, innovation is an evolving mental framework that gives form to our ideas for a better future. We value and support innovation as a key element of our corporate DNA, and have established an innovation-friendly culture that recognizes the role of original ideas in adding value to everything we do.

For almost 40 years, innovation has been at the heart of Intracom’s growth model supported by substantial investments in proprietary R&D and new product development, as well as extensive cooperation with higher learning institutions and local research teams.

In an era of exponentially increasing connectivity and the rapid spread of knowledge around the globe, Intracom is gradually adopting the model of open innovation networks, which link venture capital, start-ups and knowledge centers with established regional and global players, enabling us to embrace new ideas and play a leading role in this challenging paradigm shift.

Our companies have accumulated valuable experience in research & innovation development. Our priority is to empower them to drive sustainable growth, transform our value chain & capitalize on new market opportunities.