The Company at a glance

INTRACOM established in  1977 by  Sokratis Kokkalis, executive Chairman of the Company, soon evolved into a leading Greek conglomerate strategically positioned in high growth sectors, with significant international footprint and export activity.

In December 2005, INTRACOM has been transformed into INTRACOM HOLDINGS SA, the main shareholder of a group of leading companies specializing in high tech IT solutions and services, advanced defense electronics systems, constructions, real estate and renewable energy.

Following recent transactions, INTRACOM is gradually evolving into investment company, aiming to achieve higherinvestment returns, thus offering, over time, increased value to its shareholders.

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The core companies and participations of the Intracom Holdings Group are:

  • INTRACOM DEFENSE (IDE) – Greece’s leading defense company with an outstanding record of exports
  • INTRADEVELOPMENT – a leading property development company focused on residential, commercial and hospitality projects in Greece
  • INTRAKAT – one of the leading construction companies in Greece with a steadily growing international presence (Participation 5,09%)

Ιn 2021 the Group reported consolidated revenues of € 275 million, with EBITDA € 6.8 million and a significant backlog of € 1.2 billion.

To sustain its success, the Group relies on its key asset, namely its human capital comprising more than 1.000 highly motivated professionals.