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Homeland security

Homeland Security
With communities and state organizations around the world facing increased threat levels to critical installations, vital assets and natural resources, IDE offers state of the art ‘fit for purpose’ security solutions, providing innovative integration and customization of leading products into end-to-end, turn-key Homeland Security projects worldwide  that cover critical infrastructure and oil rig installations, energy production and border surveillance.


Key Assets

INTRASOFT INTERNATIONAL is a leading European provider of advanced IT solutions and services to EU institutions, national public-sector bodies, financial institutions and large private enterprises in 70 countries worldwide. 
INTRAKAT, one of the top five construction companies in Greece with a steadily growing international presence, undertakes advanced technology infrastructure, renewable energy, telecom, real estate and environmental projects.
IDE (INTRACOM Defense Electronics) is the leading company in electronics, advanced communication systems and software applications in the defense and security area in Greece. IDE participates in international development and production programs in partnership with major international contractors, currently expanding in surveillance, reconnaissance and security systems as well as into the design and manufacturing of hybrid energy systems.